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SPC 1ST Internationalization Strategic Planning

The St. Peter’s College recognizes the importance of internationalization in today’s globalized world. In order to enhance its global reach, foster cross-cultural understanding, and promote excellence in academic, research, publications, extension services, and creative works, the college has undertaken the 1st Internationalization Strategic Planning initiative on June 7 2023 at SPC AVR. It was participated in by the College Deans, Administrative Heads, and staff. This documentation presents its output in terms of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis and Internationalization Strategic Plan for St. Peter’s College.


SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  • Qualified licensed teachers (BED, Engineering, Criminology)
  • Published papers (CBA, MAEd, DRCW)
  • PACUCOA Accredited (some programs)
  • Personnel/Staff Relations
  • Established a “name” as an educational institution
  • Committed to quality education
  • Weak Implementation of Policies
  • Not qualified to cater international students
  • Poor salary scheme compared to other schools
  • Faculty recruitment and retention is a problem
  • Lack of budget for international engagements
  • Lack of research laboratory facilities
  • No research space/room
  • Very high employee turnover rate
  • Poor utilization of budget
  • Lack of facilities (e.g. classrooms, laboratories, faculty rooms)
  • Weak admin support
  • Lack of manpower in some offices (e.g. DRCW)
  • No implementation of the ranking system
  • Weak organizational structure
  • Multitasking to the highest level
  • Delayed action on requests
  • Unorganized filing system
  • Low salary scheme
  • Lack of documented operational procedures/processes
  • Internal conflict in certain functional units
  • Lack of organizational unity/solidarity
  • Available local, national, and international for graduate programs scholarships
  • Potential faculty and student exchange
  • Potential partnerships with other organizations
  • Potential research collaboration
  • Faculty scholarship (masteral & doctorate)
  • International paper presentation
  • Global education for all students
  • Existence of potential international partnerships
  • Availability of funding opportunities for international initiatives
  • Access to technological advancements for online learning and virtual exchanges
  • Closure of certain academic programs
  • Competitive salary offers from other institutions
  • Unstable school leadership
  • Opening of new schools in the city
  • Political and economic instability affecting international partnerships
  • Technological challenges for effective online internationalization initiative


Vision Statement
St. Peter’s College is a globally recognized institution that fosters diverse and inclusive learning environment, engages in impactful international collaborations, and prepares students for active participation in a globalized society.

Mission Statement
To cultivate global citizenship by providing transformative educational experiences, and partnerships.

SPC Strategic Internationalization Plan


Strategic Action

Performance/Success Indicators

  1. SPC is recognized as internationalized HEI in Mindanao 5 years from now.
SA 1.1 Establish partnership with international universities for student and faculty exchanges.

SA 1.2 Partner with those international universities.

SA 1.3 Develop study abroad programs in key disciplines.

PI 1.1 Forged partnership with 3 international universities

PI 1.2 Established study abroad programs in criminology, engineering, business management and education

  1. SPC is internationally recognized in research
SA 2.1 Establish and strengthen global collaborative research and innovation

  • Identify and prioritize research areas for international collaborations
  • Establish joint research initiatives with international partners
  • Encourage faculty participation in international conferences and workshops
  • Generate external resource generation for research funding
PI 2.1 List of priority research areas for international collaboration

PI 2.2 Copies of MOU/A with international partners on research

PI 2.3Certificates of appreciation for participation in international conferences/workshops

  1. SPC is a preferred HEI in Iligan City among foreign students
SA 3.1 Integrate global perspectives into the curriculum

   3.1.1 Infuse global perspectives into existing courses and programs

   3.1.2 Develop new interdisciplinary courses with an international focus

   3.1.3 Expand foreign language offerings to enhance cultural competency 

SA 3.2 Seek CHED approval to accept foreign students

SA 3.3 Invite foreign professors as lectures

SA 3.4 Cater to International Student Enrollees

    3.4.1 Develop targeted recruitment strategies to attract a diverse pool of international students

    3.4.2 Provide language support and cultural integration programs for incoming international students

    3.4.3 Enhance student support services to meet the needs of international students

PI 3.1 Obtained CHED approval to accept foreign students

PI 3.2 Three (3) foreign professors visited SPC as lecturers

PI 3.3 15 foreign students have been enrolled at SPC

PI 3.4 Foreign language offering has been increased

PI 3.5 New interdisciplinary courses are offered

PI 3.6 Existing courses have offered global perspectives

PI 3.7 Developed recruitment strategies to attract diverse foreign students 

PI 3.8 Improved student support services to address the needs of international students

  1. SPC is an internationally ranked HEI
SA 4.1 Initiate collaborative programs and projects with other HEIs and other agencies

SA 4.2 Improve data collection action mechanism

SA 4.3 Create an effective and efficient information management system

SA 4.4 Level up passing rate for SPC first time takers of licensure exams

SA 4.5 Update tracer studies per academic program yearly

PI 4.1 Copies of signed Memorandum Understanding/Agreement with other HEIs and agencies for collaborative programs/projects

PI 4.2 Data collection mechanism has been improved through systematic monitoring

PI 4.3 Increased passing rate for first time takers of licensure examinations based in PRC report

PI 4.4 Installed management information system

PI 4.5 Report on tracer studies per program are conducted yearly